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Add Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to Your Psychiatry Practice


Tired of the standard psychiatry model that doesn't actually help your patients and burns you out?   I was too. 

Learn how to offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy in private psychiatry practice, help patients and feel good about your work again.

Hi, my name is Erica Burger and I'm an integrative psychiatrist and ketamine practitioner. I'm here to help you build a successful ketamine assisted psychotherapy psychiatry practice (no matter where you live) so you can:

Achieve deep personal fulfillment

Improve your clinical effectiveness

Have financial abundance

Love what you do

Be a pioneer and innovator in psychiatry

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You can create a value-aligned psychiatry practice that includes ketamine assisted psychotherapy (even in rural Iowa, pop. 999).  


It is possible to build a private practice that aligns with your values and in rhythm with your life outside of your work.   

The Best of Flourish Practice Building

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Flourish Practice Building's 

Ketamine Assisted Therapy and your Private Practice

A how-to course to help you confidently and successfully pivot your psychiatry private practice so you can better help your patients, find new fulfillment in your work, and be a pioneer in psychiatry.  

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