Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Experiential + Coaching

A unique opportunity to learn and expand professionally and personally

Who should sign up for the KAP Experiential + Practice Coaching option?

You took a ketamine assisted psychotherapy experiential course but aren't sure how to actually implement it into your practice.


You would like to see how KAP in the real world - specifically,  a rural Midwest private practice psychiatry clinic.


You are a psychiatrist or therapist in private practice, interested in learning more about ketamine assisted psychotherapy but not sure if you'd like to incorporate it into your current practice.


You are a psychiatrist working in a health care system and are curious about starting a private practice and offering ketamine assisted psychotherapy as a service for your patients.


You're a therapist and have read about ketamine and psychedelic therapy and want to take an actionable step to offering ketamine and in the future, other psychedelic medicines as they become legal.

This does not substitute for a multi-day course or a longitudinal online course in ketamine assisted psychotherapy.  


1 ketamine session (IM or oral lozenges) 

  • $2195 for a 75 minute intake (includes medical screening), 3 hour ketamine session, 1 hour ketamine integration/ practice Q&A session

  • 2-3 days

2 ketamine sessions (IM or oral lozenges)

Experience both higher and lower doses to get a better understanding of the spectrum of ketamine. 

  • $2995 for a 75 min intake (includes medical screening), two 3 hour ketamine sessions, 1 hour ketamine integration/practice Q&A session​

  • 3-4 days


  • $2195 for six 50 minute sessions with Dr. Erica Burger + email for basic questions between sessions and for one month after the last session.  

  • $425/50 minutes if additional time is requested during the experiential for additional Q&A

Please note that at this time, we are not offering individual single virtual coaching sessions with Dr. Burger. 


We are excited to announce the online course

Ketamine Assisted Therapy and your Private Practice: A blueprint to help you seamlessly integrate ketamine and psychedelic medicine into your practice. 

The Driftless Region is home to stunning views of the Mississippi River and distinct geological features that make this area so unique.  The area is known for its high density of organic and small-scale farms, farm-to-table restaurants in Viroqua (35 min away), and numerous hiking and boating options.  Life moves slower here.  


Nearby airports:​

  •  La Crosse Regional Airport 48 min

  • Dane County (Madison, WI) Regional Airport 2 hours 20 min

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul 2 hours 51 min

  • Rochester MN International Airport 1 hour 38 min


2022 Available Dates

Thursday 9/29-10/1 - booked

Monday 10/10-Weds 10/12 - booked
Friday 10/21- Monday 10/24 - booked

Weds 10/26 - Friday 10/28 - booked

Friday 11/4-Sun 11/6 - booked
Weds 11/9-Fri 11/11 - booked

Weds 12/7-Friday 12/9 
Weds 12/14-Friday 12/16 - booked


Seamlessly add ketamine assisted therapy to your psychiatry practice.  

In this 8 week online program, you will learn the in-demand skills and strategies needed to offer ketamine therapy in your private psychiatry practice without feeling overwhelmed or confused about your next steps. 


Ketamine Assisted Therapy and your Private Practice

The blueprint you need to go from feeling stuck and burned out to feeling fulfilled and clinically effective - so you can practice psychiatry how you always wanted.