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Finding and Walking your Path in Psychiatry

Four years ago as a PGY3 psychiatry resident, I wrote my ideal job description in my journal. At the time, it was anchoring to have something to work towards when I was on rotations that were draining.

"How do I bring my own creativity, authenticity, earthiness, and wholeness to medicine? What does that look like? I think I'm still figuring it out. I like new and big ideas, being outside in nature, reading and learning, writing, creating, and connecting.

Here's an idea. Maybe I could build a preventative psychiatry practice that combines integrative psychiatry, wellness retreats, and I can open my own private practice with telepsychiatry as an option. And there's more to explore with making golden milk, foraging, and forest bathing. Maybe I can build a practice that combines all of these? It becomes what I am most passionate about.

Life rules right now? Keep my eyes open. Keep making connections. Nourish my creativity and ability to create and be a maker. I am on the path but there are still lots of leaves and branches covering the path. Keep looking. Keep walking."

It's not too late to reflect on what your ideal job description is. What are your life rules and strategies for building the practice and job you want to be doing? It is possible.

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